Basketball practice


I recently attended the first girls and boys basketball practice.  There was a very large turn out and everyone is allowed and encouraged to play. I have chosen the HOPE standard- H4 – Honor family/community involvement in the learning process  The evidence for this post comes from a conversation I had with the head coach.

basketball info

This evidence demonstrates how athletics can benefit the physical health of the students but also involve the greater community in the learning process.  Parents/family members of these children will be aware of the consequences of poor academic performance and will be encouraged to become involved.  The coach is stressing the importance of academics and using athletics as an incentive to ensure the students achieve academic success. After school programs at my school provide students with numerous opportunities to strengthen the bonds within their community.  Participation is a great way to become a well-rounded individual.  It is also a time when doing well in school will be encouraged and required in order to participate.  This is done in a supportive fashion.  If ones’ grades are low, they will receive the help they need in order to get them to a more acceptable level. One suggestion for making this process run smoothly is to make sure that the students know the academic expectations that they are required to maintain in order to be involved.  This could be done at the beginning of the year.  Parents could be told and this would also ensure their participation in the academic areas in a proactive fashion. The implications for student learning are great.  By being involved in an after school program, they have the opportunity to create a tighter community group that will support them and encourage them to do well academically.