Internship Seminar Reflection

As my time at SPU is winding down.  I will reflect on HOPE standard E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice  In order for me to continue to learn and grow as I enter the teaching profession, it will be helpful to have an awareness of the different stages that I might go through as a teacher.

In module 9 of our internship seminar course, we were provide with an article entitled The Winding Path: Understanding the Career Cycle of Teachers, by Susan K. Lynn.  This article does an excellent job of identifying the potential stages of a teacher; pre-service, induction, competency building, enthusiasm and growth, career frustration, career stability, career wind down, and career exit.

The SPU program has emphasized the importance of reflecting and I have found great value in doing so.  I am just wrapping up my pre-service stage and am searching for a place where I will be able to enter the induction stage.  I would like to find a school climate, and administration that is aware of this critical stage in my career, and supportive.  The enthusiasm and growth stage sounds like the most desirable stage that I hope to inhabit.  Prior to getting into this stage, I will have to enter the competency stage.  Knowing this, is extremely beneficial to my career.  I need to make sure that I am focusing on developing and becoming competent as my main goal in the first few years without taking on too many additional activities at the expense of developing competency.

I will bring enthusiasm to my classroom from day one, and by incorporating a reflection time into my schedule I will be able to increase my awareness of my teaching operational stage and make necessary adjustments to ensure that I am working efficiently and effectively to facilitate student growth.

LYNN, SUSAN K. The Winding Path: Understanding the Career Cycle of Teachers. The Clearing House March/April 2002.